Events to Remember

Our Spa Villas have been constructed from the ground up with group holidays and events in mind.

The large communal spaces, both indoor and outdoor will give you a wonderful zone to mingle and have fun, or take some time to relax in the Spa Zone, or chill out by the infinity pool and enjoy the sea view. We are particularly proud of our A+++ kitchens, with deluxe appliances and ultra modern design. We personally went to Milan to look at hundreds (thousands?) of kitchens back in 2017 to make sure we had the very best for these villas.

Each bedroom has its own lock, and we have a range of different bedroom types, from double rooms to twin single rooms, and also master suites with en-suite bathrooms.

The spaces can be tailored to suit the kind of event you are planning. For example, a wellness retreat can make use of the exterior green space for yoga mats, which also has cover overhead to shade from the sun.

Event Types

Conferences, team building exercises and training seminars can make use of the large space we have set aside with a projector for sharing information.

Sports holidays will be able to make use of the excellent geography and sports facilities nearby, and at the end of a hard day’s activities, a soak in either a hot tub, or an ice bath can be arranged!

The area of Andalucia is particularly suited to cyclists, hikers, mountain runners, triathletes, open water swimmers.

We can also arrange a multitude of adrenaline filled activities. Think rock climbing, canyoning, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, sailing and much more. Check out our Sports page where we break down the various sports activities in the area.

Culinary Tours. Andalucia has a rich culinary heritage and thriving food scene with some incredible locally grown ingredients, as well as producers of the finest wines, oils and other types of produce. It’s the perfect place to get a taste of authentic Mediterranean food. If you organise this type of event, we want to hear from you!

Weddings are hugely popular in Spain for a variety of reasons, and we think we have the perfect spot for a small wedding with incredible accommodation for up to 24 guests.

Relaxation / Spiritual / Personal Development Holidays. We’ll be hosting some rather special week long events including Yoga retreats, and other very cool things like Wim Hof style retreats, where you’ll uncover the depths of the subconscious and unlock your power within.

And let’s not forget the Finnish saunas which we painstakingly specified, all down to the individual wood choices to ensure the best possible experience. In case you didn’t know, there are tons of health benefits for both saunas and cold exposure.

No Spa Zone would be complete without its very own hydromassage jacuzzi complete with Chromotherapy colour lighting and many high power jets and bubbles to melt the stress and tension away.

For the cold lovers, we know that in Summer, the Spanish mains cold water isn’t very cold, around 24 degrees in the peak of the season. Because we believe in the benefits of Hydrotherapy, we have gone to great lengths to install a separate chilled water tank, specifically for the shower in the Spa Zone. This tank allows you to enjoy chilled water (down to 8 degrees) from either the rainfall, cascade or handheld shower.


Food Options

You can choose to have breakfast made for you at the villas, or full catering services if you prefer, or make use of the well equipped kitchens yourselves. We offer a range of services for your stay, to suit your needs and preferences. Just get in touch with us and we can work it all out with you.

If you have any events you would like to organise at our fabulous properties, please get in touch. We will be delighted to tailor an experience for your party.