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When you rent one of our luxury Spa villas, you’ll be able to enjoy these facilities.

Hand made with specially selected Scandinavian wood, our custom saunas were painstakingly designed with every detail in mind. Half of our family live in Finland, and we have been testing all of their saunas over the years and brought a wealth of experience here to Malaga. We chose high powered Harvia burners (kiuas) which explode with steam when you ladle some water over them.

Combine that with aromatherapy oils in the water bucket, and you’ve got a very luxurious multi sense sauna experience.

If you know… you know.

the shower

Our famous cold shower

When we built the villas from the ground up, we always wanted to have a cold water system specifically for the shower outside the sauna. So we developed our very own system which can even reach as low as 4 degrees celcius! We don’t keep it at this temperature as it is far too cold for most people to be under running water at this temperature, but it’s truly incredible. The shower is 3 way and has handheld, rainfall and waterfall features.

If you enjoy cold showers but have been disappointed at the cold water supply in Spain, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this.

Don’t worry, you can set it to warm if you want to!

The spacious chlorine free jacuzzi can either be used hot or cold. Hot for relaxing, cold for invigorating – we can even fill it with ice for the ultimate in contrast therapy. Our customers love the fact that this is a unique totally private spa experience.

health benefits

Discover the healing benefits of water

Soak in the hydromassage jacuzzi with jets and bubbles. Or you can choose to fill the tub with ice and enjoy an ice cold contrast bath for after the sauna. Contrast therapy improves the lymphatic system and promotes overall well being.

We have all the facilities you need to be able to host a dinner party or get-together. The double width American style BBQ has plenty of space for lots of food and features both traditional grill and hotplates as well as a side burner for heating sauces.

We also hand built a wooden bar so you can chat to the chef and enjoy a refreshing drink.

when it gets dark

Night Spa

Night time rentals are magical. With glorious colours lighting up the tropical garden and pool outside, you can have some wonderful social time.

With plenty of space for you and your group to enjoy the views in between sauna sessions and cold dips. Situated in the heart of the Peñoncillo valley, the views over the Mediterranean are simply stunning.

we've got more

Additional Services

While you’re enjoying your private spa villa rental experience, you may wish to enjoy some of the optional extras that are available during your stay. We have sourced the best local professionals who will visit the villa and provide you and your group an enhanced level of service according to your requirements. Why not book a group manicure session for the ladies in your group? Or how about a sports massage for your cycling team? Get in touch with us to arrange the details.

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